The future of foreign exchange

Discover why Horizon Currency is our top choice for international money transfers for our clients. Horizon facilitates global money transfers, providing the best exchange rates and unparalleled service in the industry. As an FCA-regulated provider, Horizon ensures the highest standards of security and trust. With benefits such as same-day payments for major currencies, no transfer fees, and the best rates and service, Horizon Currency stands out as the best company we have ever partnered with for our clients. We are committed to offering our clients the highest level of service while helping them save money.

Why Choose Horizon Currency?

Expertise and Access

Industry-Leading Dealers: Gain unrestricted access to top-tier currency dealers who navigate volatile markets with precision.

FX Risk Mitigation: The primary focus is to mitigate FX risks while boosting your foreign exchange purchasing power through strategic insights.

Best Exchange Rates

Deep Liquidity Pools: Their FCA-regulated provider grants you access to exchange rates once exclusive to large financial institutions.

No Transfer Fees: Budget confidently with no hidden costs; what you see in the exchange rate is what you pay.

Efficiency and Support

Same-Day Payments: For major currencies, ensure your funds reach the recipient account on the same day if executed before the cut-off.

Personalized Customer Support: In an automated world, we stand out by offering dedicated, one-on-one assistance unparalleled in the industry.

FX Intelligence: Receive bespoke reports for high-value transfers to optimize timing and enhance risk management.

Tailored Services

Personal Transfers

Achieve Your Dreams: Whether buying property abroad or making significant purchases, benefit from premier service tailored to your needs.

Best Rates and Service: Experience the best currency exchange rates combined with exceptional service.

Corporate Transfers and Trade Finance

Enhanced Business Efficiency: Businesses enjoy tighter pricing and efficient processes, with exclusive products beyond typical banking capabilities.

Security and Regulation

Regulated and Secure: Authorized by the FCA and regulated under the Money Laundering Regulations 2017, ensuring your money is safe in segregated client accounts.

Horizon Currency is your trusted partner for international payments, providing unmatched expertise, superior exchange rates, and exceptional customer service. Let us help you navigate the complexities of foreign exchange with confidence and ease.

Visit Horizon Currency to learn more and get started.

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